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Our Story

Yoga changed our lives.  Not just a little bit, A LOT. 

Prior to opening our lives to yoga, Corpse Pose (Savasana) sounded more like a Halloween prank instead of something completely and utterly relaxing.  And if you mentioned downward dog or child’s pose in our presence, we would have thought you were trying to insult us. 

A beginner’s hatha yoga class changed everything. Week after week, our minds expanded, our muscles grew stronger and our Sanskrit vocabulary grew exponentially. Most importantly, we gained confidence in our lives off the mat and a physical spirituality that is hard to explain. 

Unless you do yoga, of course. 

Fast forward to today, we have realized that yoga is not just a class or a bunch of poses, it’s a way of life. 

A way of life that is wayyy better than whatever we were living before!

We are a woman and a man who have gained an immeasurable amount of love, support and empowerment from the yoga community.   Although we began our yoga journeys at different places and times, upon meeting we realized we both experienced profound growth in our lives thanks to yoga. 

Our strong desire to contribute to the movement that has given so much to us is what binds us together in productivity.

Enter, named after Lion’s Breath (Simhasana) - our favorite Asana and Pranayama combination.

What is possibly more empowering than roaring through your throat chakra with your tongue sticking out? (If you haven’t tried it, it is super highly recommended!)

What we wear while doing yoga may not be as impactful our practice, but it makes a BIG difference in function and confidence.  

During both of our yoga experiences, we became quite the yoga apparel connoisseurs. We quickly found what worked, what didn’t and what designs we felt the most alive in. It was an easy decision to start our own yoga wear company that empowers you to embrace yoga freely and celebrate yourself. focuses on women, because as one of us as a woman and the other an ally, we know amazing things happen when we support each other.  

Thanks to our new way of life, we had the courage to walk away from lives that weren’t  serving us and into the unknown. is more than just a brand or a store, it is our service to you made manifest.